What is Drop’n'Roll?

Dear friends,

Just wanted to drop a few lines about our new feature, Drop’n’Roll, which is already available in current version of the app.

Ever wonder how often did you have nearly a perfect movie except one or few clips to change? How many times did you refresh the edit hoping that the robot takes exactly what you want? Random automatic editing has some weak points, and we’re never tire of seeking for ways to improve it.

The idea of “Drop’n’Roll” actually came to Yury Melyushin, one of our team leaders, when he was sleeping. We believe this feature will help our users polish their movies until they’re totally satisfied with the outcome.

Now one can put an end to ceaseless refreshing and focus on minor refinement by replacing of one single clip with the rest of current editing intact. Moreover, it is also possible to assemble parts of a movie clip by clip, much like a construction toy set!

  • Choose your level, theme, duration and video clips
  • Tap “Magic Up!”
  • “Refresh” until you generally like a movie preview
  • Drop a timeline cursor on a frame you’d like to change and tap “replace current shot” until you’re perfectly satisfied with the preview

And finally, render and share your movie!

V.I.K.T.O.R. is the only amateur app that makes automatic editing truly tangible. There’s no need to upload clips on a remote server, no need to wait for the outcome. The robot edits clips on a fly, right in front of your eyes; it offers numerous versions and lets you make your own final cut!

Editing has never been so easy and fun. And now, with Drop’n’roll, the game of automatic moviemaking has become even more addictive!

Just shoot more video, dance to Drop’n’Roll and share your impressions with us!

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